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Coral Reefs of the Bay

Restoring the "Coral Reefs" of the Chesapeake Bay

Find out the benefits of oyster reefs to the Chesapeake'shabitat, water quality, and structural environment. The Chesapeake Bay Foundation has a very active oyster reef restoration program and this pamphlet provides interesting facts about vertical structure's role in a healthy Bay ecosystem. For additional information, contact Chesapeake Bay Foundation.

climate change factsheet

What Climate Change Means for Virginia

Higher water levels are eroding beaches, submerging low lands, exacerbating coastal flooding, and increasing the salinity of estuaries and aquifers. In the coming decades, the region's changing climate is likely to reduce crop yields, harm livestock, increase the number of unpleasantly hot days, and increase the risk of heat stroke and other heat-related illnesses.

Riparian Buffers

The EFC's paper The Economic Value of Riparian Buffers was released this month. Prepared for American Rivers, this paper details the value of buffers in terms of their function and identifies economic models that have been used to monetize the environmental, societal and human value of riparian buffers. The current state of research provides estimates for only two sources of economic value: residential property values and a more general community value. Estimates support the conclusions that riparian buffers have a positive economic value, but more research is still needed. For more information about this research, contact Naomi Young.

Safe Waters Healthy Waters

Safe Waters, Healthy Waters: A Guide for Citizen Groups on Bacteria Monitoring in Local Waterways. The Center for Watershed Protection, Inc. (the Center) has released a new guide for citizen science groups and watershed organizations across the nation to take a role in finding and eliminating sources of harmful bacteria in their communities.

Natural Preserves

The public-access guide to Virginia’s natural area preserve system is now online!

The Virginia Department of Conservation and Recreation manages the preserve system, which contains some of Virginia’s most unique natural communities and protects habitat for rare plant and animal species. The system consists of 61 preserves (55,352 acres) across the state. While not all 61 preserves have facilities for public access, the 21 preserves listed in the guide have parking areas and established trails and viewing areas. A few even offer canoe and kayak launches.

For more info about the preserve system

conservation manual

This year, the Roundtable is sponsoring an urban stormwater BMP cost share program called the “Virginia Conservation and Assistance Program” which is designed to assist homeowners with the installation of a number of stormwater reducing practices. Our sponsorship will help with a number of practices in the York River basin this year, and we plan to continue this funding assistance in the future. Check out the design manual that was designed by a number of our partner SWCDs
ccrmps Comprehensive Coastal Resource Management Plans - a source for guidance, data, tools, and education resources for local governments pursuant to the 2011 policy mandated by the General Assembly for management of tidal shorelines in Virginia. CCRMPs contain links to both regional and the locality specific information to assist you with implementation of new regulations.
York River Map York River Tidal Assessment

York River Tidal Assessment Interactive Map - This interactive map provides baseline data that are essential in defining our existing wetland resources and are the basis from which future status and trends analysis can be conducted as well as assessing the effectiveness of permitting and management programs. Information such as wetlands type, oyster reefs, SAV, salinity, bathymetry, and land use are located within this map.

York River Tidal Assessment Report - a CCRM report that relates to the York River Tidal Assesment.

york river & small coastal basins York River and Small Coastal Basins Map

New map of the York River Watershed is now available courtesy of DEQ

York River Basin Map (VaDEQ .pdf))

Small Coastal Basins Map (VaDEQ .pdf)

York River & Small Coastal Basins map of impaired waters for 2010 (VaDEQ .pdf)

For all DEQ Maps

york roundtable discussion York Watershed County Map

York River Watershed Counties Map - static map showing political boundaries of the York River watershed

York River Interactive Map Gallery - This interactive map on the CCRM website allows users to choose landuse & planning views, recreational area locations, as well as natural resources within the York River watershed.

Mathews Co Mathews Co Shoreline Situation Report Plate No. 12 Shoreline Situation Reports - The data inventory developed for the CCRM Shoreline Situation Reports are based on a three-tiered shoreline assessment approach. The three tiered shoreline assessment approach divides the shorezone into the immediate riparian zone, evaluated for land use; the bank, evaluated for height, stability, cover and natural protection; and shoreline, describing the presence of shoreline structures for shore protection and recreational purposes.
livingshoreline York River Conservation Lands - a static map showing conservation lands and features
john smith capture map Captain John Smith Capture map, York River Water Trail - A large static map of the York River Water Trail.

Virginia Estuarine & Coastal Observing System (VECOS site) - provides dataflow and up-to-date water quality monitoring information for the lower Chesapeake Bay

Coastal GEMS

Virginia Coastal Geographic and Estuarine Mapping System (GEMS)- Coastal Geospatial and Educational Mapping System (GEMS) currently offers over 30 GIS data layers, showing water, shoreline, land and recreational features; wildlife resources; and conservation planning tools, as well as fact sheets outlining how coastal resources are managed, their ecological and economic value, and links to more information.


Virginia Interactive Stream Assessment Resource (INSTAR) - INSTAR allows users to access and manipulate a comprehensive database representing over 2,000 stream and river collections statewide.  Accessible data represent fish and macroinvertebrate assemblages, instream habitat, and stream geomorphology. The application supports user-driven database queries, mapping functions, and quantitative biological assessments of stream reaches and watersheds.


Virginia Conservation Lands Needs Assessment (VANLA) - The Virginia Natural Landscape Assessment (VANLA), an ecological component of the VCLNA, is a landscape-scale GIS analysis for identifying, prioritizing, and linking natural habitats in Virginia . Using land cover data derived from satellite imagery, the VANLA identifies unfragmented natural habitats called cores, which are large patches of natural land cover (mainly upland forests and forested wetlands, but also included are marshes, beaches, and dunes) with at least 100 acres of interior conditions.

DGIF VAFWIS Virginia Fish and Wildlife Information Services (VAFWIS) -The Virginia Fish and Wildlife Information Service provides access to the most current and comprehensive information about all of Virginia's wildlife resources. This service is provided by the Commonwealth of Virginia Department of Game and Inland Fisheries.
York River Fact Sheet Help us update the York River Watershed Fact Sheet and view the State of the Dragon Run brochure
York River Conservation Lands Captain John Smith Map



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