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Meadowbridge Biological Research Station

Phil speaks at Meadowview

Spring Steering Committee Meeting at the
Meadowbridge Biological Research Station

Members of the YRSCB steering committee met at the Meadowview on the morning of May 21st at the Meadowview Biological Research Station is located in Woodford, VA. Meadowview is dedicated to preserving and restoring rare wetland plants, habitats and associated ecosystems on the coastal plain of Maryland and Virginia. Their particular area of specialization is an endangered habitat known as pitcher plant bogs or seepage wetlands. Dr. Phil Sheridan gave a passionate explantion of their efforts to conserve and restore pitcher plants and their habitat.

To learn more:

Meadowview walk Lots of plants plant flowers
Asking a question with Phil In flower Plants and flowers
Lunch on the porch Beautiful pitcher plants Plants in pots
plants ferns Pitcher plants in habitat





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