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Mattaponi River Paddle


Mattaponi Kayak Paddle, August 21, 2014

Members of the YRSCB met in Aylett on the morning of August 21 to experience the beautiful scenery during a kayak paddle along the Mattaponi River.

“August 21 with the York Roundtable was a wonderful day on the Mattaponi. The weather was gorgeous and the river itself was peaceful and beautiful. This was my first opportunity to go kayaking and I enjoyed it very much. I also enjoyed being able to paddle alongside each of the other participants in the group and chat with each one individually. It was great to get outside and appreciate nature and remember what we are all working so hard to protect. My thanks to May Sligh for organizing the outing and to Shannon Alexander of Bay Country Kayaking for helping me figure out what to do and to all others who made this a memorable event.” ~ Andrea Vella

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