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2016 YRSCB Planning Meeting and Lakeside Dairy Tour


Members of the YRSCB Steering Committee met to review activities of 2015 and discuss plans for 2016. May Sligh provided a summary of projects and Roundtable-sponsored meetings for 2015 and then the group discussed proposed activities for 2016.

Ann Edmonds submitted a meeting summary and May Sligh provided a summary of projects, costs and estimated budget.

The group was able to travel to Lakeside Dairy, arranged by Etta Mae Lucas,for a tour of the facility by owner Charles Harris. Mr. Harris installed a number of practices including hardened crossings, loafing lot with gutters, cover crops, manure pit, bed pack, etc.  He was very enthusiastic about his dairy and shared a lot of details about the operation, its history and the work they’ve done to reduce water quality impacts. 

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